Since 1995:

We are a LOCAL family owned and operated manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the foodservice, hospitality, retail, healthcare and facilities industries.
  Our high end, ultra concentrated chemicals are manufactured here in Phoenix and are formulated for the unique extreme water conditions here in Arizona.  We focus on LOCAL businesses and operate in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, all at the lowest possible price to the end user!

All of our products are 100% guaranteed, and we will NEVER ask you to sign any contracts.  We will earn and continue to earn your business every day, as we aim to make you our customer for life.

We also service, sell and lease dish washing machines.
If you own or lease a dish machine, we provide service at no charge, as an essential part of ANY chemical program.  We will come in on a  bi-weekly or monthly basis to do a 26-point inspection and perform any necessary preventative maintenance (standard tubing, o-rings, etc. are included.  We will make all necessary adjustments to the chemical output for optimum efficiency.  All dispensing equipment is also provided by and maintained by T&M on a free loan basis.  Lastly, we offer 24/7 ONE HOUR response service on your dish machine at NO CHARGE, giving you PRICELESS peace of mind.

We were GREEN before GREEN was cool!

3433 W. Clarendon Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85017
Phone: 602-437-6961
Fax: 602-437-6962

Quality in, quality out!  We proudly manufacture our products and sell/service equipment with products from these quality businesses:
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Phone: (602) 437-6961
Fax: (602) 437-6962